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Feel free to discuss any modeling problems that you may have, especially problems commonly faced by those who are using Arena software.
This is a forum where everyone can share. I can’t answer all questions. But I’ll do my best.
You may need to scroll down this page & read slowly to find if similar problem with the one that you’re facing has been discussed & solved before.

indo-versionTerjemahan langsungnya, silakan bagi yang punya masalah seputar software Arena, kita diskusikan rame-rame & selesaikan bersama di page ini.
Saya jelas nggak bisa menjawab semua pertanyaan karena sayapun masih belajar Arena. Makanya kalau anda tahu jawaban untuk masalah seseorang yang bertanya di sini, ikut dong share di sini, ok…

Pelan-pelan bacanya ya, siapa tahu permasalahan yang sedang anda hadapi sudah pernah dibahas sebelumnya.
Saya akan mengupdate page ini secara bertahap supaya pencarian subjek masalah lebih mudah dilakukan kelak.



  1. Some of you asked earlier.
    My answers:

    Editing using VBA in Arena is possible.
    But, don’t you think ‘Set’ inside PROCESS module is good enough to model 2 resource, right?

    For Arena 7 download, Visit http://www.scmlab.com/3030
    Thanks to Neorang for the link.

    The 4th edition book is the companion for Arena 10 CD.
    It is NOT available yet for download on web. :mrgreen:
    If you can not find the 4th Edition, the 2nd or 3rd Edition of this book is actually fine.

    Pease note that Arena version up to version 11 is not supported on Windows Vista.
    Visit Issues about Installing Arena at Windows Vista for details

  2. Thanks for the response. I need to create a PROCESS module with a set of six resources inside using VBA. I know how to create a PROCESS module using VBA but my question is what code should I write to create a set of six resources inside that module.


  3. I need to create a dynamic storage area depending on the product type. I need to write VBA codes in order to create these storage layouts according to the product types.

    • You said”I need to create a dynamic storage area depending on the product type. I need to write VBA codes in order to create these storage layouts according to the product types.”

      Did you manage to do that?
      I need to do the same, would you help me?

  4. Maybe can someone give me link from where I can download “Simulation with Arena”, 3th edition ?

    Thank you

  5. Bazi
    I mainly use Basic Process, Advanced Process, & Advanced Transfer Panel in Arena,
    not yet the VBA.

    Have you checked all Smart files for help?

    I have the hardcopy version of 3rd edition.
    Not the pdf file.

    Just in case you need the copy.
    But, where’s your location?
    Can’t get the book in library near you?

  6. I live in Lithuania. My university library don’t give it at home. I must read at library.

  7. hi~
    This site has some lecture..
    only reference. ^^

  8. #Bazi
    you find “Model Arrival Techniques”

  9. Hi
    I need to stop my resources for a while till some conditions satisfied. How can I stop them!!
    My conditions will be satisfied at the late stages and my used resources are setup to be at the beginning of the model.


  10. Bazi
    Upload your model & let us see it.
    We’ll begin from there.

  11. # Bazi
    What’s the conditions?? I need more information..^^

  12. Hi

    If I want build lot model by 1 lot = 150 pcs. in system have 4 process. And before product enter the process must separate 1 lot is 150 pcs. every time.
    How do I do?

  13. Gagan Gupta
    Yes, it’s impossible to connect two or more connectors to a PROCESS module.
    Maybe u must put a module (e.g. MATCH) before the PROCESS module in order to let entities from different modules to join in 1 connector.
    So they can go further to the PROCESS module.

    Do u mean here, the entities should be separated by 150?
    Why not using DECIDE module (set the decide condition to separate every 150)?
    DECIDE module will then have 4 outing connectors to 4 different processes.

  14. Hi
    I use SEPARATE model and DECIDE module and set entity_count == 150. It can separate entity first lot only. I need separate every lot. How I can solve this problem? I request sample and detail because I can understand. Thank you every much.

  15. In the contrary, I need to see how far you’ve gone with your model (or printscreen of your model).
    Upload it & show us the url.
    It’ll be easier to start from there.
    We’ll wait…

  16. Ju sent me his model & I uploaded it here.
    Maybe there’s something that we can do to help solve the problem.
    Download Model: JU- separate by 150

  17. I initially install Arena 5 without entering STUDENT into the serial code. Now, I’m unable to uninstall it…

  18. How to use the DECIDE module in Arena. I’m trying to write an if-else statement to select the shortest queue among 4 queues. I have problem find information about the construct of the if-else

  19. #Xaverria
    If you want to select shortest queue, we haven’t use decide moule

    you find another soulation


    You down attach files, you understand this logic

  20. # Neorang
    You’re so kind sir. Helping directly with sample file.

    # Xaverria
    Another way is by using PICKSTATION module.
    This module lets the entity to choose destination with the least queue.
    For setting inside the module, put a check on ‘pick station with least queues’ field. Remember,destinations are represented by some STATION modules.

    About arena 5 that can’t uninstall, try uninstalling with Utility application.
    Or,uninstall it manually.

  21. Hi,

    If I run model 7 days and we need report queue of each day. How do I do?

    I think you must set the replication length to 7 days, instead of setting the simulation time to 7 days.
    After running, access the report in ‘by replication‘ format.
    I suggesst viewing the report in plain text (notepad) format.
    It’s easier to analyze.

  22. Hi

    If we need all time of simulation ( setup replication length = infinite ). Where can I see?

    Still with report in plain text view, you can see total simulation time directly in left upper section of the page.

  23. Arenasimulasi

    Thank you very much. And if we must use system kanban in model. How can i do?

  24. you want Kanban system in model, maybe it’s pull system, right?
    So, you have to use Hold module. And it control between first System and next system.

  25. Hi,Neorang

    Please send sample model to me. Can you do? Thank you very much.

  26. Hi Arenasimulasi

    I test set replication lenght to 7 days but report have not data of queue of process in each day. How can i do? And I request sample model for easy understand.

    So sory Ju, I can’t help you at this moment. I’m offline for some moments & thus, I don’t get in touch with computer directly.
    Others please can you help Ju solve the problem?

  27. gue butuh software promodel, plus tutorialnya plus contoh kasus pemodelan yang basic saja standar mahasiswa. gue pengen blajar sendiri. siapa yang bisa nolongin? please. perlu berapa rupiah kasih tahu nomor rekening kamu ya..plus ongkos kirimnya. Thanks berat.

    Ada yg bisa bantu Nina?
    Ada apa sih Nin sampai2 keliatannya sdh putus asa banget searching ProModel di internet nggak dapat2?

    Paling penting cari installernya dulu. Kontak UI tu, UGM (lab DSC), or UII (lab Delsim). Mereka adalah kampus2 yg sdh ProModel-based praktikum simulasinya. Pasti mereka punya installer student versionnya…

    Plus kalau kamu sdh bisa dapat installernya, sehabis diinstall kamu bisa buka kok tutorial modeling dasar di salah satu folder tempat ProModel diinstall (lupa nama foldernya).
    Tutorialnya Powerpoin & sangat jelas.

    Contoh kasus sekalian tanya kampus2 tadi.

  28. I need to know, what kind of model process need to use when develop traffic light function at 4 junction intersection using arena v. 9.0? and link the traffic light function with vehicle on road.

    Undoubtfully HOLD & SIGNAL module to model the holding & release of vehicles during red light or green light.
    I have a sample model for this but I need time to find it first.

  29. # zizou

    Let’s leave the post: Download Arena 10 only for discussion about Arena 10, ok…

    ED vs other softwares?

    It’s all very subjective.
    You’re familiar with Arena, then you’ll say that ProModel is difficult. And vice versa.

    But the key points I think are:
    1- Software with easier steps to build model is more preferable.
    e.g. Software with complicated interface & so many buttons to build an entity will kill you.

    2- The more realistic the software can model reality, the better it is.
    e.g. You will choose software that can represent human & other entities in 3D form rather than in 2D.

    So when asking about ‘which software gives more comfort in modeling?’,
    that’s up to your point of view,

  30. I will wait sample model from you. Thank you very much.

    I’m out of home for long moments, ju.
    And I don’t have Arena with me.

    I regret I can’t help you giving sample file.

    Do some trial-error experiments with the report setting… 🙂

  31. hi.~ Long time no see..^^;
    I moved new house so I couldn’t use internet. 😦
    your problem is “report have not data of queue of process in each day.”.. right?
    I recommand that you check “Project Parameters” in ARENA.

    If you don’t find it. you can see some reference.

    Good luck ^^

  32. Hi ,
    You are not worry about this problem. I try this problem by myself.

    Thank you for your support. Can you send sample model about kanban system to me? Now i use hold module and signal module but i do not understand about type and conditon in hold module.

    Neorang’s explanation about Viewing report in notepad form on his website is exactly the same thing I want you to try.
    I owe you so much Neorang. Thanks.

    Ju, you asked about:
    How to view all time of simulation in the report, when the time is set to infinite?

    1- Set the report into notepad view.
    (I borrow Neorang’s pic: set report 1, then set report 2)

    2- Run the model. When asked “do you want to view the report?” click Yes.
    Voila! Exactly in the left upper of the page you’ll read ‘Replication ended at time …. hours’.
    That indicates the total time spent for simulating
    Here’s an example: Folgate notepad report

    Hope you understand

  33. #ju
    What kind of kanban systems do you want ?
    “Pull System” or “real kanban(include batch or lot size problem)”
    Pull System is easy. but lot size problem is a little difficult..^^;

    Could you tell me your detail situation or could you give me your model?? ^^;

  34. Hi

    I want sample of pull system and safety stock. Detail is when we set safety stock = 150 pcs. if quiue <150 pcs. system will pull entity of before process by system pull each time = 300 pcs. but if wip in this process have entity = 300 pcs. before process stop working. How do i do?


    Thank you very much for your data.

  35. Is your Arena version Student?
    Because student version only use 100 entities less then. That’s why I have to use another method for modeling.

  36. Hi
    # Neorang

    If i want sample of pull system and safety stock. Detail is when we set safety stock = 10 pcs. if quiue <10 pcs. system will pull entity of before process by system pull each time = 30 pcs. but if wip in this process have entity = 30 pcs. before process stop working. How do i do?

    Thank you very much

  37. i want to simulate coal supply chain.which is the simulation software will appropriate for coal supply chain?thanks b4

  38. http://www.scmlab.com/?module=file&act=procFileDownload&file_srl=11243&sid=50afd97c15ab117305426f67068534b1

    Modeling of Pull system has a lot of different method.
    It’s one example. maybe you can understand easily.

  39. # Ju
    I don’t have verification this model.
    Just I want to show modeling method. ^_^

  40. Hi
    Thank you very much for sample model.
    If we want stop before process when queue in after process over limit by limit queue = 3 pcs. How do i do?


  41. Hi all,
    Is there any idea about how to change the distance between two stations interactively? I mean by using spreadsheet or VBA popup box. Many thanks

  42. Hi again,
    I need the distance between two stations to be a dynamic one. Can I change that distance more than once while the simulation model is running?

  43. #ju
    you means you want to queue where in process? right?
    sorry, my English skill still not good. I am not understand you say clearly.

    You can use “variable” on distance.
    if you change variable, your distance value is chage.

  44. hi Neorang
    Thanks for your assistance.
    I have tried doing that before but it didn’t work.
    The distance does not accept only an integer value. When I put a variable name inside the distance, yellow highlight is coming up and the model refer to an error.

  45. aku butuh informasi semua tentang software promodel,tlg dong siapa aja bntuin yah.Satu lagi,setahu aku promodel itu kan software simulasi kalo digunain buat statistik bisa nggak yah??trus apakelebihan dan kelemahannya dibanding dengan SPSS??tlg pnjelasannya,terima kasih

    Kalo bicara fitur Stat::Fit yg ada di ProModel, maka emang bener dia dapat mengerjakan task2 perstatistikan. Tapi jelas nggak bisa sekomplit & selengkap yg bisa dilakukan software statistik khusus kayak SPSS.
    Cuma bisa basic: misalkan mencari descriptive stat; memperkirakan distribusi dari suatu data, & membangkitkan data berdistribusi statistik tertentu.

  46. Thanks Neorang it did work

  47. nyoba njawab nggih : ProModel itu software simulasi, bukan software statistik,.. walau di simulasi emang ada statistiknya. jadi gak ada kelebihan atau kelemahannya dibanding spss. karena mereka itu dua software yang berbeda. 🙂

  48. thanks yeah bwt infrmasinya..
    aq juga mau tny tntg apa kelemahan dan kelebihan software ProModel dibanding software yg sejenis dengnnya??thanks b4

  49. Hi, am looking for some code examples of ARENA 10.0 using the VBA integration and if some one knows a quick guide for VBA. Hope you can help me.

    Regards EPV

  50. Hi,

    I want to ask how I can animate all replication in one plot. I need show one value in a graph, but I need that all replication was showed.

  51. thanx for ur information bout my question. i hav been use SIGNAL and HOLD module for traffic light in 4 junction but still not work in what i need. if u don mind can u send an example of for me. i really need it for reference.

  52. #hayizma
    Hi do you give me your model?
    You can make Traffic light using resource statset.
    It’s is easier than using Signal $ hold module.
    you can download traffic light example.
    Good Luck! ^^

  53. hye neorang..

    i try do with the example dat u give me…can u see the model first…i need ur help

  54. Hi everybody.
    Where can I find and download the current version of Arena?
    I guess it’s Arena 12, and it comes in different editions; I would like at least the Basic edition.

    If Arena 12 is unavailable yet, please tell me about an older version available to download, but a version not too old, if possible (could be v11 or v10).

    And the book “Simulation with Arena”, also for download.

  55. http://www.scmlab.com/arena_download
    you can download arena ver 10 or 11

  56. This site uploads ARENA version 12.0 good luck!

    Sir, so many traffic for downloading Arena that yo moved them to rapidshare?
    That’s a cool way to becoming Rapidshare Premium User 🙂

  57. Hii..I need ur help who’s be master in modeling system. I want to make a model about queueing system in a bank using promodel. I need such a sample of case of it. may be one of u have try to make it, or may you know where I can download a case of queueing system using promodel. thanks before

  58. Hi again.
    Neorang, thanks but many thanks for your links.
    Now I’ll wait for the “Simulation with Arena” book.
    And, what is the language you’re talking above?
    Is it Russian, Hungarian, Latvian or something like that? Or maybe Thai or Korean?

    See you later.

    And again, Neorang, thanks for your links.

  59. #rhenzin
    hi, sorry, It’s Korean language. My English skill is not good. so I can’t open English version site.
    Almost lecture are Korean. If I find English lecture, I tell you.. ^^

  60. #rhenzin


  61. #tirjayanto
    It’s second edition, but i don’t care it..
    Thank you so much!. ^^
    I really want to get it. ^^

  62. Dear all,
    Any idea about how can I clear a process module from its resources using VBA code.
    I need to have the process module empty as I will assign different resources for that mobule for each replication.

    I will appreciate any assistance.


  63. is it any arena version for windows vista?

    or any link where i can find free full version downloable of arena for others kind of windows?

  64. Hi Varissimo,

    I am actually using a limited version of Arena v.10 on Windows Vista and it is working perfectly. Make sure you are running it as an Administrator. Also, make sure that, in the properties of Arena.exe file, in the Compatibility Tab, there is a check mark for “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”. The OS version Windows XP (Service Pack 2) should be selected.

    I have not tried more recent versions of this software on Windows Vista, but it should work as well. As far as I know, some limited versions of Arena Simulation were available on this website. On Arena Simulation website, it is said that v12 is supported on Windows Vista.

    This link may also help you out:
    Arena User Zone: Installing in Vista



    Thanks a lot for your sharing about installing Arena in Vista.
    Btw, I’ve fixed the link so you can access it.

  65. hrmmm….
    can you please help me topic related on the discussion of the current issues base on the problems and solution over application software..
    n sent it to my email..
    terima kasih 🙂



    Discussions are available in search engines, put.

  66. Is there any idea about how to get a full version of ARENA. Any version will be usefull for me.

  67. Hi everybody.
    I come from Thailand, sorry about my english.

    I have project about arena, I want some help.

    If anyone can help me pl. contact my e-mail and I will send my project problem to you later.

    The problem is very long and the problem about beer that have customer, retailer, warehouse and factory.


  68. Hi

    I have the question for your helpful. I set inventory system by using 1 factory , 1 warehouse , 1 retailer.

    After every unit of inventory is used to satisfy demand (decrease the
    inventory position by 1, regardless of real on-hand inventory), the inventoqi
    level, called Inventory Position (IP), is checked if it is equal to reordering
    point (r) or not. If it is not, no order is placed but if it is equal to r, then an
    order with size of Q is placed to the firm upstream. Right after the order is
    placed, the IP is set to Q+r (regardless whether the order arrives or not),
    Then the processcontinues. Eachfirm will have it own values of (Q,r).
    Pleasenote that the inventory position and inventory actually available at the
    firm (on-hand inventory) might not be the same. On-hand inventory depends
    on whether there is actual delivery of order placed or not while the inventory
    position increases instantly after the order placed. On-hand inventory
    represents the inventory available physically at the firm ready to use now.
    When there is a demand but there is no inventory the on-hand inventory
    stays the same (at zero) while the inventory position decreases by 1 (but not
    at zero or negative). Inventory position is designed for ordering purpose to
    keep track the net inventory available after taking into account all waiting
    customers (backlog) and all future shipment (incoming shipments from
    previously placed orders) so that we know the net remaining amounts have
    not placed order. This is used to avoid multiple orders for the same unit of
    The goal of the all firms is to minimize the average total cost, which is the
    sum of the average holding cost, the average shortage costs, the average
    ordering costs, for the whole supply chain (three firms).
    1. Run the simulation for 100 days for one replication and use the
    following initial setting:
    Retailer Warehouse Factory
    Q 10 2 2
    r 50 1 0
    On-hand 15 3 2
    inventory at time
    available at the
    location and
    ready to use)
    Inventory 150 30 2

    Report the average total cost per day, average holding cost per day,
    average shortage cost per day and average ordering costs per day for this
    setting. This will be used to verify the correctness of your model. The
    costs should be comparable to the correct solution.

    Please help me solve this problem. Thank you every much.

  69. Hi everybody,

    Now i need build model about supply chain by factory have order from supplier 10 unit per time ,inventory point = 15 unit but if inventory less inventory point,which factory have order to supplier. Supplier must use time for produce the material 15 days. What model do i use for connect between product and order? What signal do i use for stop and start purchase to supplier. Please help me urgent. Thank you very much for helpful. I wait your answer.

  70. pak mau tanya nih, ttg keunggulan promodel secar spesifik, jiaka anda punya tutorial promodel atau cara penggunaan promodel yang bhs indonesia dan sofwarenya tolong kirim di email saya sebab saya ingin belajar. terima kasih

  71. Dear all,

    Is there any expression inform me about the changing of the shift pattern while running simulation? I mean If I have two shifts day and night I need to know whether my resource is working on the day or night shift by a visual representation while simulation running?

    For day shift the variable gives me 1 like example and for night shift gives me 2 just to recognise the changeover numerically.

    PS: I need to capture the type of the shifts and not the state of the resource.

    Many thanks


  72. Hi
    I want to simulate a subway station with arena,but in student version it seems impossible.in my model 45000 entities must enter during a day!what can I do?I know it is strange but can any one help me?I’m a student and in our country nobody has a full version of arena.
    sorry for my bad English!!

  73. Занимаюсь дизайном и хочу попросить автора arenasimulasi.wordpress.com отправить шаьлончик на мой мыил) Готов заплатить…


    OK. How can I help?

  74. Can anyone tell me how to do the following:

    I want to simulate entities entering the system and upon observing two ATM serice stations either randomly choose either line if they are empty (both server and queue) or if there is someone at either server, to choose the server with the fewest total number of entities (sum of queue and server)? I know that this is simple, but I am new. Thanks so much!


    Maybe this file can help.
    Pick-Queue Gardena Store.doe

    It’s an example of how people pick a casheer with the least queue when they want to pay their things at the department store.

  75. my question:

    I would like to know how to model this:
    I want an entity staying in a process module until the value of a variable has changed. So I want to condition the delay of the process to the value of a variable; is it possible?
    thank you in advance,

  76. Hi Please help,

    I am trying to simulate a process:
    four different parts entering a system following a sequence of processes.
    at the assembly station these parts from two different end products ie part 1,2 &3 forms product A and parts 2,3&4 forms Product B.

    I’m kinda stuck on how to tell arena to do the split. I tried using the Hold & Signal module but couldn’t figure it out. Would appreciate some assistance.

    Thank you.

  77. hi,
    Any assistance about how can I model a process with four different resources w1 and w2, each of them follows different working shift. For example w1 working 5AM-2:30PM and then w2 will start his working night shift 6:00pm-3:30am to carry out the process.

  78. Do you know where to download version 6 or 7 of Promodel? i need it for academic purposes.

  79. permisi,,

    mas/mbak ada yang tahu software simulasi apa yang paling pas digunakan buat simulasi penumpang kapal saat keadaan darurat???

    buat tgs akhirku nih..



    Arena aja bisa nggak?
    Tinggal dibuatkan graphic yang bagus utk entity penumpangnya, pakai background gambar kapal terbakar misalnya…

  80. Hi, does anyone has the solutions files for the book simluation with arena 4th edition ?

  81. mas,,mo tny nih,,tadi aku ktm dosen pembimbing TAku,,trus beliau minta aku ambil tema ttg promodel…beliau mintanya,,aku mencari tau apa kekurngan output promodel trus aku dsuruh buat software untuk mengakomodir kekurangan itu…bs bantu ngasi tau apa kekurangan promodel g mas?


    Kalo kekurangan-kelebihan mungkin kita harus bicara pembandingnya kali ya, biar bisa mengatakan bahwa promodel tuh kurang dalam hal blablabla (karena ternyata itu nggak dipunyai promodel tapi dimiliki software X misalkan); dll

  82. I have simulate a process in which conveyor-1 stops every 4 min but next conveyor-2 keeps working by getting input from a buffer storage filled by conveyor-1.
    How do I do this?

  83. Bos…
    mau tanya cara bikin arrival entity yang bisa pake expression jumlahnya bukan waktunya…gmn


    Di arrival juga kan, kalo mau setting jumlah entitas yg datang.
    Jadi setting interval waktu kedatangannya, terus set juga jumlah entitas yg datang (dng cara klik yg di kurva itu, sumbu x sbg inter-arrival time; sumbu y sbg jumlah entitas datangnya).
    Bisa tersolusikah dng cara begitu?

  84. oya lupa pakenya arena 10 ya…
    thx lagi

  85. saya nk tanya perbezaan antara software ARENA 5.0 dengan software ProModel.


    They differ in some aspects like:
    – modeling environment (Arena is more general vs Promodel is manufacture-specific)
    – modeling point of view (Arena uses entity vs Promodel uses location)
    – etc


  86. i hope anyone who have any axample about ARENA software will share with me..emeil me de_ir@yahoo.com

  87. Wow,, aye baru dapet nih matkul simulasi.
    matkul paling susye semester ini. kira2 dijadiin TA menarik ga ya?


    Sip kalo udah mulai ambil mata kuliahnya.
    So pasti bagus lah buat skripsi..

  88. Hi all, i sincerely would like to describe my problem that i faced when using arena to simulate the scenario, i hope anyone out there in this forum is able to solved my problem.

    I have to simulate two different process which would be the Push System and the Pull System in Arena.

    To simulate a pull system..

    Please kindly do guide me, i need guidance as soon as possible. Do contact me at this mail neo3koolio@yahoo.com.sg,
    i shall explain the details

  89. hey people, is there anyone out there would be kind enough to assist me in modeling a push and pull scenario from scratch? i have all the data required.the scenario is a rather easy one, a series processing line of a small manufacturing company. However due to my limited knowledge in ARENA, i am unable to model it within this short period of time.

    I do hope that i am able to get a reply from anyone of u all at my mail at neo3koolio@yahoo.com.sg

    Overview, a scenario with 5 work centers with one of the work centers has 2 machine, the rest comprises of one.

    I am looking forward to receive a positive reply soon

  90. sy mw ngerjain TA tentang simulasi pabrik turbine pake ARENA 11 yg versi student,.

    tpi di ver studend jumlah entitas ny max cma 150,padahal untuk produksi 1 turbine aja entitasnya(part) udh lebh dri 100.

    kan sulit bwt mahasiswa klo hrs bli yg versi basic..

    ada saran g?

    • Dear mas pradana.
      Entity limitation bisa diakali dengan cara ‘Duplication’.

      Coba datangkan module ‘Separate’ ke layar kerja, hubungkan ke ‘Create’ atau pokoknya ikutkan ke aliran entitasnya.
      Settingan utk module itu adalah (dng dobelklik module tsb), ubah ke duplicate, lalu ketik berapa banyak nantinya satu entitas yg masuk ke module itu akan diperbanyak.
      Nah nanti waktu simulasi dijalankan, tiap entitas yg masuk akan diperbanyak sebanyak n kali (n sesuai jumlah yg diinginkan).
      Ini kadang bisa mengelabui Arena karna entitas duplikasi yg muncul tidak dianggap sebagai entitas tersendiri.

      Semoga membantu…

  91. sy udh coba cra d atas, pke module”separate” d arena 11,tp te2p g isa,.sy nyobany pke cra simpel,entitasnya sya duplicate jd 100,kemudian duplikatnya ngantri d module”process”.dan originalnya d buang,stlh sy running, programnya berhenti pda saat entitas ke 2 masuk k module”separate”,sedangkan 100 entitas duplicate msh mengantri d module process.

    ini sy coba download yg arena10,..

    “”Trz d luar it sy jg mw tny, tentang tema saya mengenai pembuatan model simulasi untuk perencanaan manufacturing plant baru yg saat ini blm berdiri..

    misalkan sya mw memodelkan proses dari sebuah server dari sistem manufaktur tsb k dalam model simulasi,sehingga diperlukan waktu pelayanannya berupa distribusi dan parameternya.untuk itu seharusnya sya mengumpulkan data historis secukupnya(>30) mengenai wktu pelayanannya, shg sy dpt mengetahui dstribusi dn parameternya..

    tp permasalhannya adlh, data tersebut tdk mungkin d dpat, karena sistem yg akan d modelkan belum berjalan sepenuhnya..

    data yang ada saat ini adalah data pembuatan utk 3 unit prototype.jd sy hnya punya 3 data historis wktu pelayanan(pelayanan unit ke-1,2 dan 3)…

    pertanyaanya, ad gak pendekatan untuk menentukan parameter dn distribusinya, hanya dengan 3 data historis yg sy miliki?

    mohon bantuan dan sarannya…
    thx b4..

    • Pastikan bahwa simulasinya terstop karna entity emang sdh over the limit, mas.
      Kadang terjadi simulasinya terstop cuma karna settingan waktu di module Process yg kurang sip shg membuat simulasi berhenti. Coba mainkan durasi waktu prosesnya.
      Sudah coba tips buat ngakali entity limitation belum?

      Mengenai simulasi dari sistem yang belum eksis seperti kasus mas Pradana ini, justru enak sekali & fleksibel kitanya sebagai system analyst dalam mendesain waktu prosesnya yg optimum.
      Sekadar ngingatkan aja, buat mengeset waktu proses dari suatu sistem yg belum eksis, Kelton udah nulis di bukunya kan, yg Discrete Event System Simulation.
      Beberapa parameter yg disarankan buat dipake adalah waktu yg berdistribusi Normal, atau Uniform…
      Coba deh, dig lagi 🙂

      Btw, dari almamater mana nih mas pradana?

  92. eh iy salam kenal,.sya dari almamater UNDIP Semarang

    bukannya buku Discrete Event System Simulation itu yang nulis jerry banks y?klo yg it sblmnya sya udh prnh baca sebelumnya,tp msh blm puas,.cz brdasarkan buku trsebut,sy brpikir bhwa distribusi yg memungkinkan utk d gunakan adlh uniform,.tp dri penjelasan d stu,sya msh tdk bs mendapatkan alasan yg kuat scr matematis kenapa sya pake distribusi uniform…sbenernya lbh enk klo ada contoh kasusnya..

    trz utk arena versi 5 k bwah isa d download d mna y?


    • Ah kamu bener mas,
      Aku masih aja sebegitu terhegemoninya dng Arena, sampe2 buku Jerry Banks pun kuakui punya Kelton (Kelton tu pengarang Simulation With Arena)… :p

      Terus ttg kenapa belum sreg memakai distribusi waktu Uniform,
      justru saya pengen balik tanya nih.
      Mengapa sampe diperlukan alasan matematis?
      Argumen di balik perlunya dipake distribusi Uniform kan karena kita menginginkan proses yg ajeg & konstan.
      Proses yang berlangsung konstan (diwakili dengan waktu pengerjaan yg kurang lebih sama durasinya atau uniform), mencerminkan keajegan si resource dalam menangani tugasnya, yg berarti dia perform dengan ok tanpa penurunan.

      Nah tinggal si pemodelnya aja, pengen kondisi resource yg bgm.
      Kalo resourcenya manusia, mungkin ada naik turun kondisi fisiknya, shg waktu proses mungkin normal or triangular.
      Kalo resourcenya mesin, so pasti sangat steady, jadi distribusinya uniform tuh,
      dll, monggo argumen kamu bagaimana 🙂

      Installer Arena 5, ada kok di blog ini link downloadnya. Disearch aja…

  93. kyknya pemikiran sy sedikit slh jln..
    tdnya sy pikir dgn 3 data yg sya pny bs dilakukan pendekatan matematis utk ndapetin distribusi sm parameternya..

    tp kyknya hanya dg wawancara sma engineerny aj udh cukup bwt ngasih asumsi bwt distribusi waktu permesinanny..

    trz ini sy udh nyoba nyari linknya arena 5 d blog ini tp kq g dpt2 y..?sya ngetik yg d search archive jg g kluar…


  94. Super sekali, itu malah langsung tersolusi tuh.
    Wawancara dng engineernya sama aja dengan bertanya dng expert kan ya, seperti yg Jerry Banks bilang di bukunya.

    Download arena 5

  95. assalamualaikum semua, saya berdepan dengan masalah untuk model sebuah “push system”. Maka saya hendak bertanya ada tak di antara kamu yang fasih serta boleh menghulurkan bantuan untuk membantu saya untuk model sistem tersebut..Saya masih seorang user baru dalam software ARENA..perhatian yang diberikan,amat ku hargai..sebarang tunjuk ajar amat dialu-alukan juga

    tolong hubungi saya secepat mungkin di neo3koolio@yahoo.com.sg

  96. If i must separate wip to 6 machine. How do i do? Please advise to me about this case. Thank you very much.

  97. Hi,

    My process is received material 2 kinds then each kind cutted 85 pcs. Then assembly by use 2 pieces ( use 2 pcs and 1 pcs) per 1 set. How do i do? Thank you for your answer.

  98. And wip in process more 150 entity. How do i do?

  99. Permisi, saya newbie Arena mau tanya tentang Randomness.
    Saya buat sebuah simulasi sederhana. Saya perhatikan bila di’run berkali2, angka hasilnya selalu sama.
    Bukankah kalo ada randomness dalam simulasi, angka hasilnya cenderung berubah?
    Cari-cari penjelasan di internet gak nemu
    Mohon pencerahan para guru


    Trims mas dikki, udah tanya.
    Kenapa Arena selalu menggenerate angka yang sama bila dijalankan berulang-ulang, adalah karena Arena memakai seed-value pseudo random yang sama.

    Kayaknya ini sengaja dilakukan Arena utk memenuhi kebutuhan kita dalam melakukan analisis.
    Pembangkitan angka yg sama ini bermanfaat kalau kita mau:
    1) Meneliti proses yg salah dalam simulasi. Di sini kita ingin menggunakan bilangan random yg sama pada percobaan yg kedua, ketiga, dst, agar sama dng bilangan random pd percobaan pertama, utk memastikan perubahan yg kita lakukan berhasil bila dilakukan pd input random/ entitas yg sama.

    2) Menguji suatu sistem alternatif. Di sini kita ingin mengujinya memakai angka random yg persis sama dengan case awal/ basis. Jika angka randomnya berbeda, maka terjadi variansi, dng begitu sistem awal & sistem alternatifnya menjadi tidak comparable.

  100. Guys, our friend neokoolio needs help to make models of Push n Pull system.
    He has these two initial model, needed to be developed, just in case we all can do something.

    Push system

    Pull system


  101. Hi

    When i run system by using animation , i can not see entity in animation system. How do i solve this problem.

    • 1. if you made a model using elements & block, you cannot see animation, especially, using Create module in Elements & Block.

      2. there is no moving time,ex) route, transfer time..

      3. Check Run setup menu, you can’t see animation, when Run speed is so fast… ^^

  102. hello,

    did anybody use Arena (Student vers.) to simulate Contact Center processes? How to avoid limitations in Student mode for number of elements in one project?

    Maybye someone can give me access to full version for my thesis(even for limit time)?

    Thanks and best regards

    • I think that you can use variable instead of entities in Student version.

  103. Hi all,

    I am a beginner on the Arena Simulation, currently working on a

    Objective: Model and investigate policies to manage inventory of spare
    parts at a service centre

    Scope: Develop simulation model of the service centre, and test
    different inventory management policies vis-à-vis satisfying demand of
    different priorities. As demand has different priority, it may not be
    necessary to satisfy all the demand immediately. We will investigate
    at least three policies which treat the different demand differently
    and may back-order demand of lower priority even if inventory is
    available, but is rationed for the higher priority demand

    I have done a program but I think I did not focus on the scope. Please
    enlighten me…


    please click the image for full size view.

    u can also contact me at ksy8193@hotmail.com

  104. Great forum for simulation discussions.
    Keep up the discussions.

  105. Hey

    please in Arena, how would you make entity 1 (product A) have higher priority than entity 2 (product B) through a process

    ie: product A goes thru the process before product B regardless of product B ‘s postion in the queue

    Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

  106. Hi everybody..
    saya,lgi TA Simulasi (ARENA).
    Ada yang bisa bantu kasih contoh Model Simulasi Tata letak pabrik g?? perlu nih buat liat modul assign-nya.Kira-kira ap j attribut yang perlu diidentifier di modul tersebut?
    Yg saya buat skrg DISC(Persentase entity 1,index entity 1,dst).trz dimodel ini ada 2 waktu proses pemesinan yang berbeda utk tiap produk(expression modul ada array 1×2).

  107. ada kah yg tau link download ebook simulation using promodel ? klo ad share ya
    thx alot

  108. ini link crack arena5, supaya ga student version lagi


    guwe dari Univ. Unlam

    yang ngasih filenya dari UB yang dapet dari ITS

    so berterimakasihlah kita2 yang sangat membutuhkan file tersebut^^

  109. oya yg merasa terbantu dengan link yg aku kasih mohon kesediannya untuj follow @deden_boy di twitter. supaya kita bisa berbagi dan bertukar informasi tentang arena^^

    (lagi dalam deadline 10 hari countdown dari batas akhir pengumpulan skripsi sebelum sidang) hehehehee

  110. i am doing simulation for a theme park but i cannot tally the nunmber of people going in and out. how can i “chase” the people out of the theme park?

    • i think putting RECORD block will simply help.
      Put one after CREATE to tally entity numbers that enter the system.
      And put one before DISPOSE block modules to tally entity numbers that exit the system.

  111. i am doing simulation by using arena 5, but the problem is, the entity inside the system only can hold up to 100 entities otherwise it will error. if i use the crack, will it be fixed?

  112. Hello all,

    I am using Arena 12 and have a situation where I need to have one infinite capacity queue that feeds into 4 fixed capacity queues. This is a traffic modeling problem where the infinite capacity queue is the street and the fixed capacity queues are lanes in a security checkpoint.

    I’m using queue,seize, delay, and release blocks to model the checkpoint process. A PickQ block decides which fixed queue the entity will travel to after leaving the infinite queue.

    I am having trouble figuring out how to model a system that releases one entity from the infinite queue only when an entity from one of the fixed queues exits the system.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  113. Hi,

    I am working on a simulation model of a call center. My problem is as follows; suppose we have a caller waiting in the line, and after the threshold value of some certain waiting time, he/she left the queue, leaving the message. The agent will call back him. In other terms, I want the caller waiting after a certain threshold to join another queue based on his/her waiting time using an if statement, and it should be dynamically implemented in the model. Where should I implement this if statement in the model? Should I use the Siman, or should I go to VBA module, and how to do it?. I am using Arena 12, if you can help me, it would be great. Thanks.

  114. bang saya pengguna promodel teteapi saya tau pasti agan disinii bisa nyelesaikan masalah saya slnya udah expert dlm simulasi.

    1. perlukah uji keseragaman data pelayaanan? soalnya pelayanan di departemen produksi yg saya tetiti dikerjakan secara manual dan tinggi sekali varian data yang diperoleh.. saya buat langkah penelitiannya: uji kecukupan-uji distribusi-keseragaman-rancangan model-analisis-eksperimen-anbil keputusan..benar tidak??

    3 . fungsi generate random bt apaan ? (di promodel stream)…
    benar gak klo saya buat langsung stream ke dlam distribusinya..
    mis ada 3 operasi dan 1 kedatangn langsung saya buat stream berjumlah 4 : U(25.22, 6.54, 1 N(3.45, 0.456, 2) N(4.4, 0.276, 3) N(7.45, 0.156, 4)

    soalnya saya vaidasi pake uji t hasilnya lebih mendekati sistem nyata dengan stream..

  115. halo jagoan jagoan arena, saya mau tanya dong..kalo saya sedang mengerjakan thesis, namun terhambat di assembly process dimana dari 3 arrival ingin dijadikan hanya satu outputnya setelah prosesnya..

    bingung pakai module yang mana?
    jadi prosesnya bisa berjalan jika ketiga entity itu available.. ada yang bisa memberi pencerahan?

    • waduh.
      kayaknya di buku arena ada tuh. coba baca pelan2.

  116. I’m also modeling a intersection and now having a problem. i’m trying to us “conveyor” to display the queue on the road cause the red light. please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNLSFI5eeBE&feature=related. But i fail to do this because the car overlap instead of stand in a line. could you give me some suggestion? or show me how to reach the outcome as the film shows. thanks a lot.

  117. Hi everybody.I have a challenging problem for you .I am using ARENA 7.0. Imagine a store with max. capacity ot 5 batches.There is a weekly customer/market demand with Poisson distribution of 3.I have an optimal ordering policy for this store, which states that, when there are 1,2,3 bathes in the store, an order of 4,3,2 batches have to be done.If the batches are 4 and 5, then no order is done.So each week we have to check how many batches we have in the store and order according to the policy.It is very complicated to me.I will be vary greatful if you help me.Thanks in advance.

  118. Hi all, anyone knows where to get a crack for Arena v11?

    Furthermore I wonder if someone tells me an explanation or provide a tutorial on how to animate the 3D simulations Arena Player.

    Thank you very much and greetings …

  119. salam kenal bos – bos semua. sy adit, skrng lagi nyusun skripsi nih memakai Promodel. sy mau nanya donk.
    Model saya seperti ini :

    Ada beberapa entitas yang bisa dikerjakan di beberapa lokasi mesin. pemilihan entitas yang dikerjakan di lokasi diprioritaskan yang memiliki jumlah paling banyak. Di tiap lokasi ada batasan kapasitas.
    Waktu pengolahan antar entitas sama, namun, saat berganti jenis entitas, dibutuhkan waktu setup selama 1 jam.

    jadi misalkan begini. Lokasi mesin 1 adalah 6 buah per hari, kemudian ada ent1 sbnyk 3 buah, ent2 sbnyk 4 buah, dan ent3 sbnyk 2 buah.
    Maka proses seharusnya begini : ent2 – setup – ent1.
    sehingga entitas yang ada skrng : ent1 1 buah dan ent3 2 buah. sehingga proses di mesin 1 berubah esok harinya menjadi : ent3 – setup – ent1.

    Nah, untuk definisikan setupnya di Promodel gimana ya bos?? karena entitasnya tidak tetap..
    bingung nih..

    Oiya, ada contoh model SPT (Short Processing Time) di Promodel gk? TA saya berkaitan dengan itu. klo ada boleh saya minta email ke : sepunonair@yahoo.co.id or irfan.aditiya@gmail.com

    Terima kasih banyak ya bos,
    mohon maaf jika ada kata – kata saya yg menyinggung.
    Ditunggu jawabannya


  120. I have been using the ReadWrite module to store the model output into an excel file. From the latter, i went on to compute the median and 95th percentile of certain process parameters. May I know if Arena is able to gather such median or percentile info from the model report? Thanks

  121. help me in carla.imoetz87@gmail.com, i have a problem with powersim.thx

  122. I need to know how can i simulate a M/M/1 queuing system in Arena. While the simple entry process exit system is easy, how to simulate complex system to find some percentage of user waiting less than a fixed time. I have the formula for that, e power -mu*t. But i am not sure how to add this expression in process logic.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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