Download Arena 10

November 27, 2007

Arena 10 from Rockwell Software
(size 225 MB)


Download Arena 10

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  1. Thanks again to Mr. Teguh Irjayanto for the download link.

    And moreover, thanks to Mr. Thomas Schulze for putting this Arena installer on his website.

    Mr Schulze’s is a professor in the field of system modeling & simulation at Universität Magdeburg.
    There’s a lot of simulation reference that we can get from his personal website.

    • I want to test an idea about using Reinforcement Learning techniques in a web base education system. Can I test my idea with student simulator? Is there such a tools in Arena?

  2. thanks juga mas bram, kita lagi down load yang arena 10. sayang 2005 masuk gak pas masih SIMBI, jadi arena nya agak lola (loading lama)(“,

  3. no problemo,
    let’s learn together.

    the first one who explored the new features, must share it here. ok…

    • Hi, arenasimulasi
      Saya sudah mendowload arena 10 dan arena 11. Tetapi ketika saya install muncul error 1712.Perlu diketahui OS yang saya pakai Windosw 7 32 bit. Bagaimana cara menginstall arena 10 atau arena 11. T

  4. Hi, maybe you know a link from where I can download Arena 11.0 ?


  5. I’ve tried to find Arena 11 with search engine.
    Too bad. Couldn’t find it.
    Maybe because Arena 11’s quite new, so that nobody has it for download already.

    Just like new DVD, you must wait a while till it’s available on web. 🙂

    What feature do u actually look for in Arena 11?
    Cant get it from Arena 10?

  6. I think in Arena 11 is new animation features.

  7. Hi,
    I can’t install Arena 10 it needs an activation code and other stuff. Could you tell me the steps to install the software?

  8. # floppyy
    Well, I can see that.

    # Acme
    Have you gone through the whole installation process?

    You can get the activation code after buying the software.
    But, Activation code is NOT required if you’re installing Arena as student;
    OR if you’re NOT planning to run it in full version mode.

    All I can say is that the only step you need to pay careful attention to is
    The Serial Number Input section.

    3 Choices for the installation:
    Type STUDENT, for limited functionality, also limited model & run size (notice:i edited this sentence on dec 8.)

    Leave the field empty, for evaluation purpose.
    (But we don’t just evaluate, right?)

    Type the serial numbers given by Rockwell, for full functionality.
    Meaning that you must buy it first.
    For the rest, let the computer finish the tasks…

    The ‘Install Notes.rtf’ can tell you more clearly about the installation steps. The file is included in the installer files.


  9. i want to arena 10 for makes thesis

  10. adakah milis para simulator baik dengan arena maupun sofware yang lain?

  11. Ada beberapa milis yg dibuat utk diskusi ttg simulasi memakai software tertentu, misalnya:

    Milis Arena

    Milis pengguna Promodel

    Cuma kayaknya milis skrg ini sdh hilang popularitasnya.
    Tergantikan Online forum & blog.
    Terbukti milis2 tsb sdh nggak aktif. Bahkan ada yg cuma berisi spam.

  12. Hello.
    I have readed your comments about Arena and I have a question. if I have a huge model,and I want run it, so, Can I install Arena and I must to Leave the field empty for code activation?
    for what version of Arena this is correct?

    thank so much


  13. Hai Juan

    You have a huge model.
    A huge model can ONLY be run in the full version software.
    Full version software means you must enter the activation code.
    Activation code can be gotten after you buy the software.

    So, if you leave the activation code field empty, you will NOT be able to run your huge model.

    This works even until Arena 10.
    Don’t know about Arena 11.

  14. ok. but, what in the diference between :
    1. Arena student versio ( serial STUDENT)
    2. Arena for evaluation (blank serial )



  15. Student version: clear enough.
    Evaluation version: i’m not really sure. Maybe worse than the student version. Less functionality.

    What are you using Arena for, Juan?
    Maybe you can share with us here..

  16. I making a urban study, and I want to simulate a particular case for the VRP problem. I cant to demostrate to manager some alterative decisions. I believe that better decision is to use a programming language (like borland c++ or visual c++) for simulate this case and obtain urgents solutions.
    I can’t to buy a profesional version of Arena for now.

    One time, I request full evaluation for limit period time, but it is not possible.


  17. Cool.
    That’s what I call with ‘REAL’ practice of simulation.

  18. Gentlemen,

    the link above is not working. I would like to evaluate this software for students use, but I cannot get across to any Rockwell guys in my country. Can you suggest any other links?


  19. No sir, the link is still working.

  20. HI
    am downloading arena 10 and i hope it will work because i need it for the graduation project
    anyways wanted to ask
    does anyone know hoe to reengineer a bank process like “loans” am working on it and am afraid am stucked:-(

  21. it just finished loading bt its not working!!!! where iz the setup link please!!!!

  22. Ho2, take it easy..

    Have you unzip the file?
    If yes, find autorun.exe file & double click it. Then follow the installation instruction.


    Directly double click Setup.exe file.

  23. v5, v7, v8, v9 & v11:

  24. Hello.
    I’m searching for some versions of Arena 3Dplayer. is there any way that makes me able to download it?
    by the way, I downloaded arena 10 from here and became so usefull for my job.

  25. Hi, I am one of the managers of the SCMLAB.COM.
    I visited the home page of the report referer record.
    Today I uploaded Version 10.0.
    Therefore, the SCMLAB.COM is available for download from 5.0 to 11.0.
    This Software Student or Training version.

  26. Hello,
    I have a problem, when i want to save file, a error msg: “Problema desconocido para crear el archivo filename”. do you believe that is for hotfix files? you have new hotfix for arena ?


  27. we need arena for thesis but I use version student, it can not run entity more 150 pcs. but case study entity in system have more 10000 pcs. How do I must solve this problem?

  28. #shahrouz
    So sorry. Have been googling for 3D player, but couldn’t find one.
    Not even available in Rockwell’s website..

    Very glad to know that SCM website has uploaded Arena installers.
    It is like dream comes true, to have Arena, our favourite software. Complete in 7 series!

    Btw, I must learn Korean harder.. 🙂

    #juan casas
    “Problema desconocido para crear el archivo filename”
    Can u give the translation in English?

    Is it a kind of wrong filename archive?
    Maybe you should try naming your model with another unique filename..

    Break your model into several small models/ files.
    Make more simplifications.

    I suggest u read the article:
    dealing with arena academic version

  29. #ju
    In My opinion, if you using Varible or Attribute Instead of Entity, You can do it.
    For example, Some Entity attribute name is group ==5,
    it’s means 5 Entities.
    And Process Time of Process Module is “PTime*group”

    # arenasimulasi
    Nice to meet you ^^
    Now I studing English languages

  30. # arenasimulasi
    So maybe after May or June, I run English Website ^^
    Once operational sites in English, if I want a lot of exchanges.
    Have a Nice day~ ^^

  31. Surely i’ll be waiting for the english version website 🙂

  32. Thank you very much for answer of Arenasimulashi and Neorang. But if we must use system of production is batch ( each batch 2000 pcs.). So we will have entity in system more about 10000 pcs. ( we have 5 process ). How do I can solve this problem? I run it, which have error about entity more 150.

  33. tanks for arena 10.i used to simulate with simula but now the modelisation is easiest.
    i find some prblem:
    how can i describe a process without file? or determinate a limited waiting
    thank you

  34. How can I keep my entity waiting inside the PROCESS module more than the pre-specified process time?
    Is there any way to change the processing time after entring the entity to the module?


  35. #ju
    There’s another technique to create many entities without worrying “entities exceed the limit” problem.
    Do not set the amount of the entity inside CREATE module.
    Leave it 1 entity only.
    Then, use SEPARATE module (in Basic Process Panel) to create the duplicates of the entity.
    Put it next to CREATE module.
    Open the SEPARATE dialog box, then
    for Type: choose Duplicate Original.
    For # of Duplicate: define how many copies of the entity’ll be created.

    Describe a process without file?
    Sorry, I don’t get it.
    Can you be more specific?

    Entity will always exit PROCESS module after specified time is spent.
    But if you want to keep it staying inside, change the Action (inside PROCESS dialog box) to Delay, or to Seize-Delay.

    Change the processing time?
    Define it with ASSIGN module.

    I’m afraid my answers don’t target your questions precisely.
    Need more detail explanation for every case in order to answer it correctly.

    And I’m sorry. Have been a little bit busy lately.
    Wanna answer your questions completely but don’t have much time.
    Maybe others can help?

  36. i need to simulate an hybrid flow shop (fsh2/block)or (fsh2/no wait)where:
    -there is no storage between process stages,
    -and the second stage blocks entities in the first stage while it is being busy.
    can i help me to simulate

  37. # dekhici
    Hi~ Sorry, I cann’t understand English well.
    But I think your qustion means process module is not have buffer.
    Is ok?
    If this answer of qustion, maybe you reference
    This site Korean Language, but I attatch some file.

  38. Thanks for your answer..I have four parallel PROCESS modules and I need to get each entity kept inside the first three PROCESS module (WITHOUT ANY ENTITY RELEASING AT ALL) until the fourth module get it’s entity in. Please could you advice.

    I hope this will be more clearer


  39. sorry for my bad english
    and tanks for links

  40. More Explanation!!!
    I have four parallel PROCESS modules with equal processing times and I need to get each entity kept inside it’s PROCESS module for the first three modules (WITHOUT ANY ENTITY RELEASING AT ALL) until the fourth PROCESS module get it’s entity out. Please can you advice.
    I hope this will be clearer

    PS: I have tried ASSIGN and SEIZE modules but it doesn’t fit my requirements.



  41. T_T Sorry… I new files attatch
    I’m not understand english verywell.;; so Sorry..
    This file is example of parallel that no buffer…


  42. Thank you for answer of arenasimulasi and Neorang.

  43. Hi

    If I run batch system (lot production) by using hold model. I must produce 1 time 1 piece. How can I separate entity form hold model?

  44. #ju
    U menas hold module hanve many entity,
    but you want to only 1 entity exit from hold module!
    is ok??

    Hold Module Type : Scan for Condition
    Hold Module Condition : STATE(Resource Name) == IDLE_RES

    This way is very simple example ^^;;
    I think mabe possible

  45. #ju
    Another way
    proess module after sigal module.
    if finished to work after some sigal to hold module.

  46. Hi

    I must run batch system ( lot production ). I use hold model but after I must separate entity before machine model. How do I do?

  47. Thank you very much.

  48. Hi

    I test follow to you but I must separate each in next process from hold model( I hold product in hold model about 200 pcs. but i need separate each product to next process). How do i do?

  49. #ju
    I attached sample example

    I think maybe you can modfiy example and find sol..
    I want the right answer, this approach results you want to it.
    Sorry I cann’t understand English well.. T_T

  50. Hi,
    Are there any VBA codes that can I write to create a PROCESS module with a set of two resources inside? Can I add more resources to available resource’s set using VBA codes?


  51. Hi!
    Do you guys have any idea where I could download version 7 of Arena? Thanks!

  52. hello,
    Can some one help me with tips about installing arean (student version) in windows vista environment? My computer meets all software and hardware requirements but the installation wizard does not execute the installation when i click on install arena.

    Thank you in advanced


  53. aku minta donk panduan supaya gampang belajar arena..

  54. Hi, Maybe anyone know from where I can download book “Simulation with Arena” 4th edition, 2007 ?

    Thank you for help

  55. Hi,
    Are there any VBA codes that can I write to create a PROCESS module with a set of two resources inside? Can I add more resources to available resource’s set using VBA codes?


    (so we can leave this posting only for comments about Downloading Arena 10)

    Dear ju, Querlt, Giddy, bagaz, floppyy, Bazi (Ammar), we’ll have the discussion there, ok…

  57. Hi,
    Can anyone please tell me that How can one connect two processes in series. I am doing simulation for airport terminal building operations. So in my case, a passenger will have to pass from the all counters one by one like first check-in, then security gate etc.
    So after getting the check-in in process 1, how will I connect it to the process for security. While connecting by using “connect”, it does not connect the both processes.
    Can anyone help me???

  58. For discussion bout 2 process in a series,
    go to

  59. programa free

  60. Hi Guys, I have downloaded it but the installer is not working. I am using windows vista. It is not compatible?

  61. Andy
    Arena (up to version 11) is NOT supported for installation in Windows Vista.

    Read this article about installing Arena in Vista environment:

  62. Hello.
    do you have for download book of Rockwell Arena? (but not Kelton)

    Thank you.

  63. You mean technical literatures?

    There are some readings:
    (1) Arena User Guides readings (click on ‘Books & Publications’).
    They’re in pdf format.
    Arena User Guides
    (2) Textbooks. Pdf format not available :mrgreen:
    Arena Textbooks

  64. MAU DAPATKAN e- Book Gratis…..????? lengkap dari bab I hingga Bab terakhir…Hanya ada Di Perpustakaan Online Indonesia…..dapatkan hak akses Download GRATIS….SILAHKAN MELAKUKAN REGISTRASI GRATIS….GRATIS……….KAMI MENYEDIAKAN BEBERAPA KOLEKSI PERPUSTAKAAN BERUPA BUKU (e-book), SKRIPSI, JURNAL PENELITIAN dan juga ARTIKEL BEBAS….SILAHKAN ANDA KUNJUNGI WEBSITE KAMI DI http://perpusonline.dikti.net

  65. Hello:
    Can this ARENA work at Windows Vista?

    No, It can’t.
    Find out why in comments above

    • YES you can

  66. Hi everybody,

    does someone use Enterprise Dynamics? if yes, then please, could you compare with Arena?
    I am waiting for your answers 😉

    c u

  67. The difference is:
    With Enerprise Dynamics, you can download 30-day demo/ student version of Enterprise Dynamics Studio 7.2 Logistics Suite for free.

    In the contrary, Arena CAN’T… 😉

    No.. no..
    I was kidding.

    Enterprise Dynamics is simulation software for dynamic system.
    While Arena is for discrete.
    It’s a little bit difficult to compare 2 softwares which work in two different fields…

  68. Well, here we also have a demo version of ARENA for free 😉

    Do you think that ED doesn’t simulate discrete event systems? I think it does it, it is based on the queuing theory. So, the question is : is ARENA able to simulate any system that someone could imagine?
    if both softwares are able to model all the systems : what do you think is the easiest one? the moste comfortable one? the one that make you save time.
    To be precise : if I simulate the same system with ED and ARENA: would I do it faster with ARENA than with ED ?

    ohhhh I talk a lot !! sorry 😉

    Zizou, let’s discuss it in Discussion Forum

  69. Hey guys !1

    does anyone have the third contest problem solved ??(pizza store)

  70. Hey guys!!!

    Does anyone have the Contest problem 3 solved??

    If you do let me know I ‘d like to ask some questions

  71. Please I am in troubles I need kanban model with arena

    Thank you in advance

  72. thak you

  73. Does anyone have the solution of contest problem 1(sue’s market) ?

  74. Help me plese…I want Rockwell arena7.00 No 7.01

    Thank you…

  75. ohhh el arena no lo entiendo aun!!!
    necesito ejemplos en español!!!
    alguien los tendra

  76. oye pelucho tienes msn? me interesaria aclarar dudas con alguien en español del arena

  77. is it any arena version for windows vista?
    or any link where i can find free full version downloable of arena for others kind of windows?

  78. Hi, guys.
    I have a question about the the failure mode in the Arena.
    As I know , we can setup the failure mode in the Failure data module. In this module, we can choose either failure by counting volumes or by time. After that, we can go to the Resource data module to setup the failures to any Resource.However, if one of my Process needs 2 Resources at the same time, Resource A and Resource B for example, and Resource A would be failed by time failure (10 days) and Resource B would followe the count failure (1000 pcs). Now, my approach is to run the simulation for one month. Does anyone knows how to setup the rules for the Process that if today is day #10 and total volume less than 1000 pieces, use failure mode by time. If the total volume exceed 1000 pieces before day number 10, use the failure mode by count. After using one of the failure mode, both of the failure status should be reset and star from zero.I hope any one can kindly help me. Thank you all in advance.

  79. Does anyone have an activation key for arena 10?

  80. thanks a lot

  81. no tienen un manual de arena rockwell 10 y enq eu se diferencia del arena 11

  82. I have managed to run Arena 11;0 in windows Vista. You must copy files from the other 2 created directories to the one which contains the arena.exe. It worked

  83. any one help about Arena exercise problem 3.14. pls. upload this problem

  84. Hi
    I want to make a model for a subway station with arena,but in student version it seems impossible.in my station 45000 passenger must enter during a day!what can I do?I know it is strange but can any one help me?I’m a student and in our country nobody has a full version of arena.
    sorry for my bad English!!

  85. follow this link to download arena 11.0 goodluck guys





    Thanks a lot for the link.

  86. Hi guys..I tried to install the Arena 10 but I couldn’t because of the windows vista stuff, does anybody have any idea??

    Arena can not be installed in Vista.
    See this

  87. just thanks

  88. thankkkkkkkkkkkkk u

  89. Hello,
    did somebody know the source to download a german description or textbook of arena 10?

  90. I’ve succesfully installed Arena 11.0 in Windows Vista, I’m just having some trouble finding a tutorial and an activation key.

  91. I was trying to install Arena 10.0 (student version)but I got error massage says: “Error 1334. The ‘F1332_Type4000.dat’ cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file ‘Data.Cab'”. Does and one of you guys know how to fix this?

  92. Well I am a Student and my final proyect has 36 stations and I cant run it in neither version, Isnt there any other way I could maybe do this without having to purchase the software!?

  93. “Le soluzioni degli esercizi sono sisponibili nel questo sito!”
    Ho comprato il libro “Il viaggio di Laurent” e voglio
    vedere che gli esercizi sono giusto.

  94. mas, saya punya arena 10, tapi g bisa di install di vista. yang ini sama gak?
    anehnya arena 7 bisa saya install di vista..


    Kok bisa ya?
    Baru kali ini nemuin kejadian kayak gini nih.

    Secara logis harusnya Arena 7 (yg versi lebih lama) yg nggak bisa diinstall di Vista.
    Mungkin permasalahannya ada di Vista.
    Instalasi Vistanya ‘normal2’ aja kan?

    Installer Arena 10 di blog ini adalah yg dari Universitet de Magdeburg, nggak tau deh sama atau beda dengan yg sekarang banyak beredar di pasaran…

  95. hello, I have seen Windows Vista, finish installing version 12 for students and initiates perfect. I only want to ask what is the difference between Arena 10 and 12? , in the school they request the 10 to us, but I could not install it by my Windows version. They change many things?

    • Arena 10 – 11 is NOT supported for installation on Windows Vista.

      However, it can be installed on Vista by some conditions. Check this:

      About changes, yes Arena made a lot of change in Arena 12. More upgrades on graphical ability

  96. Hello,
    I need product key and serial number of Arena v12.0, Does anyone have one?

  97. Hey, the download went well, but the book examples are apparently from Arena 7.0. Not sure if anyone knows where to find the book examples that match the book “Simulation with Arena” fourth edition. Thanks.

  98. Hi!

    Is it possible to fnd Arena for Windows Vista? Where?

    Thank you

  99. Hi,

    I am working on material handling project, where I need form logic to mimic material handler pulling material from different bin locations to complete order based on pull list. Can anybody have any idea?

    Thank you

  100. Hi,
    how to uninstal the ARENA 7.01 version? because i want to instal new version 10 of ARENA that is purchased from textbook of McROCK. but the old one need a CD to allow to delete the old file. because I have been lossed the original CD in many years.so i cant to set up the software in my computer.so i need everybody to help me how to do?

  101. Hi,thanks for your help. I have done the event. thanks a lot.

  102. Glad to hear that.
    I haven’t done anything at all 🙂

  103. Hi!
    Anybody knows how can I create Arena .dat file? Could not find any in all sources.

  104. If i must separate wip to 6 machine. How do i do? Please advise to me about this case. Thank you very much.

  105. # Vlad
    Do you mean .dat file here is a video file?
    Which can record the running of the simulation?
    Well, one option is to record your simulation using a screen capture software. There are many choices that you may choose.
    Hope that can help..

    # ju
    Use Decide module. Don’t forget to set the condition that will separate the 6 entities into 6 different location, using ‘N-ways with conditions’ setting.
    Can that help?

  106. Hi Arenasimulasi,

    Thank you very much for your helpful. It help me for set up process. Why can i not use animation for show system? when i run program. Entity in animation is not work in animation area.

  107. One biggest possibility is your animation character is not yet set to represent the entity.

    For example, you want to make animation for assembly resource. You already created the animation icon, but you haven’t defined it as the assemblying resource…

  108. Hello, I am preparing my thesis and wanted use Arena Software, but it is limited for many things…And it is impossible to buy it or arrange it with my University. In my thesis I will analyse some Contact Center idea, but Student version is limited for example only to 20 agents. Maybye someone know how to extend the number of agents in Agent module? Is it possible? I will be grateful for any help.


  109. Hi Arenasimulasi,

    I don’t understand your answer. I could see entity in normal model but when i build animation model by using route or network icon. Please you help me for solution this problem. How do i do?

  110. Does anyone have the solution for exercise 4-15 of the fourth edition by Kelton?

  111. Hi Arenasimulasi,

    I don’t understand your answer. I could see entity in normal model but when i build animation model by using route or network icon. Please you help me for solution this problem. How do i do?

  112. Hi Arenasimulasi,

    I don’t understand your answer. I could see entity in normal model but when i build animation model by using route or network icon, i can not see entity in animation model. Please you help me for solution this problem. How do i do?

  113. I am using student version and I need to use Johnson distribution. But when I am using input process I see that the Johnson and Poison distribution is not active. Can anybody telling me if this is related to using Student Vesion, and is there any solution for this problem.

  114. Good afternoon, from Mexico.
    Does anyone know if there’s an Arena version for Linux?
    Thank you very much.

  115. FYI everyone,

    If you download arena for educational purposes and use the student version, there will be major limitations. As case studies for me became more complex (this simulation was not that large either), the student version would not allow me to run the simulation. But I did hear that one of my colleagues was allowed by the school to download their full version for educational purposes. But I could be wrong, being that I heard this through the grapevine. So you might want to talk with your department, if your a current student, to see if they will permit you to do this. It’s always more convenient to do homework at home than on campus or at least for me it was.

  116. Hi everyone,

    I have been working with simulation for a long time, but I’m new in the Arena world.

    I’m having a problem with a model I’m developing, and to try to spot it, I ripped off almost EVERYTHING from the model (I have like 4 modules left!), and I still get crazy error messages… It’s gotta a be a bug in Arena, if anyone would care to take a look, I would most appreciate it!



  117. Hello
    I have a problem in making a model in order to determine the optimal time of exchanging a part of a machine or machine itself.
    to make it more clear, I want the statistical way of doing this work or the way that I can use in Arena for achieving my purpose.
    please describe the solution in details.
    with the best wishes for you.

  118. Hello
    I have a problem in making a model in order to determination of customers registration process in a supply organization.How can arena help me in developing this model smooth.

  119. Hi, i need the activation to full version of Arena 10 or Arena 11. Can anyone help me?. I would like to buy it but it’s imposible. I am student and i need to develop a great project for help to a lot of people on a big project. Thanks

  120. Hi, some over here, said he was looking for serial v12.It is hard to get that.
    But I will be pleased if he can link the instalation files for v12( at list de limited version)

  121. Hi,
    i installed Arena 10.0 but could not install book examples on Vista. Could you help me about this issue please?
    Thanks a lot.

  122. Hello. Can somebody help me? I need serial number and product key for arena 10!!!!!

  123. Please, i need the serial number of arena 10 or 11.
    Somebody help me?????

  124. anybody has a link to arena 12 or newer arena that can be installed directly for seven??

    thank you..

  125. […] […]

  126. hi there, I wanna ask – I have a project to do, but the main is the animation of procesess, not the simulation itself. The animation should contain buffer, vacuum hand to move an object from buffer to the moving belt, a station for checking quality of material, or something like that and a work station… so if anyone could help me, with steps, or ideas or… I would be gratefull, sorry for my bad language

  127. working with simulation for a long time, but I’m new in the Arena

  128. Does Arena 10 differ much from Arena 12? I get the same results when running the model on the two versions when there’s one replication. However, when I increase the number of replications the results are different.

    • It’s because for generating random numbers, every Arena uses the same seed 🙂

  129. Really hoping to download a student / eval version of arena 12 or 13. Does anyone know where I could find a link?

  130. Hi
    i wanted to do modelling on an achor handling operation by Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels in ARENA.Is it possible to model this kind of a problem in student’s version?
    how can i enter distance between two oil rig locations in Arena model?
    please give me some tips.
    thanks in advance.

  131. aku punya arena 5 + cracknya dan di jamin halal gak ada permasalahan. masalah yang aku hadepin sekarang adalah, aku lagi makai arena 10 dan ga ada cracknya, padahal aku sudah bikin buanyak model di arena 10 yang tinggal di run aja, eh malah ga bisa karena replication days yg aku butuhkan melebihi batas arena 10 STUDENT. ada yang punya crack arena10 ga?

    oh ya ini link buat download crack arena5

  132. I am very happy I found your blog on myspace. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my roommate were just preparing to do some research about this. I am very glad to see such trusted info being shared for free out there.
    Best Regards,
    Cliff from Madison city

  133. Does the Arena 10 come with the Hold module or the Signal blocks if you will know by any chance, since i have the student version of it and i can’t seem t find those things for my thesis.thanks

    • I guess they’re available at the Advanced Transfer Module Blocks.

  134. hello
    i use arena 12 student to find the best schedule and assignement of patient in an operating suite .i do not know how could i change the ressource selection rule in seize modules at every replication.Can you help me
    thank you.

  135. Dear all
    i have just installed arena v.12
    and i use it in my thesis -master dgree , so please can any one help me where i can find the serial number to activte arena


  136. who can tell me the difference between arena 10.0 and 11.0?

  137. Hi, can somebody tell me what is the diference betwen ver. 7 and 10 for student users? One that I noticed was simplier block conecting…

  138. Hi everybody.I have a challenging problem for you .I am using ARENA 7.0. Imagine a store with max. capacity ot 5 batches.There is a weekly customer/market demand with Poisson distribution of 3.I have an optimal ordering policy for this store, which states that, when there are 1,2,3 bathes in the store, an order of 4,3,2 batches have to be done.If the batches are 4 and 5, then no order is done.So each week we have to check how many batches we have in the store and order according to the policy.It is very complicated to me.I will be vary greatful if you help me.Thanks in advance.

  139. Hi all, anyone knows where to get a crack for Arena v11?

    Furthermore I wonder if someone tells me an explanation or provide a tutorial on how to animate the 3D simulations Arena Player.

    Thank you very much and greetings …

  140. Hi,

    Is there anyone who has the Simulation with Arena 5th edition?


  141. I am a student of industrial engineering. How I can download the arena. Also I have a project and Simulation Programming Can you help me?if your answer is positive I will send you a simulation. Please Call me soon, because my time is very low. Thank you. announce me by my e-mail.

  142. hi all

    i have got a project on arena professional version…but its not available for free download..so can anyone please share the link to my e-mail id swagat4@yahoo.co.in…it is urgent

  143. why u don’t want to respond my request?
    i have an error 1721 when download arena 10 from your site.
    please, help me(it’s very important,because the died line to delivery of the project to my doctor after one month )
    I have win 7.

  144. i have a win 7 and i cant download the arena software because the error 1721 was appeared.
    what can i do to fix this problem.
    please help me very important .

  145. oops .
    sorry from where can i find your respond

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