Troubleshoot ‘Entities Exceeding Limit’ In Arena

October 9, 2007

The fun of using Arena simulation software may turn into disaster when the modeling is getting more complex. This especially happens when the Academic version being used, can no longer accommodate modules from the blocks panels to be utilized in the model, due to module amount limitation.

When a dialog box appearing unexpectedly telling us that we have exceeded its limit.


arena evaluation mode

You Have Exceeded Arena Limit

Or maybe the amounts of module blocks are fine. No warning. No dialog box popping up.
But during simulation run, an error message comes up saying that maximum entities limit is exceeded.
Another annoying disturbance!

 created arena entities exceeds

Run Error Caused By Exceeding Entities Created

Take it easy!
Now, there is a solution for that.

Another technical tips provided by Mr. Arya Wirabhuana, senior modeler from UTM
Follow these steps:

  • Build the model with low version of Arena (version 5 or lower), with neither statistics nor graphics module used.
    Create the graphics manually from its auto generated report, using Ms. Excel, then copy-paste it to the Arena working area.
  • Always focus on model building objective: for presentation OR for analysis.
    For presentation purpose (where eye-catching face validity is a must), break the model into several files, so that more animations can be made within each file. Making the clients impressed is very important here.
    For analysis purpose, delete any unimportant animation. Prevent too much simplification that will cause the model to be invalid
    Also, do not ruin the integrity of the model by breaking it into some files
  • Modify the input data to eliminate any possible queue.
  • Use more module blocks from Advanced Panel instead of Basic Panel.
    Avoid using too many modules is the key.
  • Make short replication.
    In the case you want long replication, keep it short, but run several times without initializing the system. Initialization is set only for the statistics.
  • If the model is done, try to save it, and then reopen the file in the higher version of Arena.
    e.g. Open with Arena 8.0. There the file needs to be converted to the corresponding Arena version.
  • After the conversion, you can see that Arena can still accommodate some additional modules.
    This is probably because module blocks from Arena lower version is considered much simpler that more blocks can be added later.

With this technique, the possibility of facing entity exceeds the limit is minimized.
Thus, the fun of modeling with Arena can still go on!

This is NOT cheating…

Successful try on modeling automated truck assembly section body shop & metal finish using Arena 8.0. has proven that this technique is working. It’s worth to try!



  1. This is the English version of my previous article
    Maaf Anda Memakai Arena Academic Version

    Just in case there is international user of Arena out there facing the same difficulties using the academic version of Arena.

    Hope it’s useful.

  2. hmm… i just come to know that my buddy becomes so multitalented. ur article is nice buddy n no grammatical error. n ur thesis statement is implied. it’s nice.

    but it’d be better if u put subordinate conjunction “or” instead of “comma” in:
    “This especially happens when the Academic version being used OR can no longer accommodate modules from the blocks panels to be utilized in the model, due to module amount limitation.”

    overall, THUMBS UP FOR U EB !!!

  3. Yes mam.
    That’s too much compliment..
    I’m not that good.

    actually i wanted to say:
    Ini utamanya terjadi kalau versi akademiknya dipakai tak dapat lagi mengakomodasi…

    for sentence:
    “This especially happens when the Academic version being used OR can no longer accommodate…”

  4. I’ve started new generic blog on simulation. Check it out at http://www.thesimblog.org. There are a number of Arena users who stop by.

  5. Very happy that a simulation senior (also is the V-Sim boss 🙂 ) came by visiting my blog.
    Surely thesimblog is a good place to discuss simulation.

    I’ll be visiting it regularly..

  6. I have been using Arena 12 for months, Student version.

    but, I dont know why, I can use all the modules provided by ARENA 12 commercial except the entity limitation.

    I am afraid with the technique given above, will decrease the simulation trustable level itself, and also decrease in confidence level.

    how do you think arenasimulasi?

    • Indeed.
      A model loses its validity when it fails to represent the real system with high similarity.
      In the case of entity limitation, well, all i can say is that of course you can only trust your ‘limited’ model, with certain level of confidence that it actually represents the real system.

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